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Click here to Download. Please wait while your request is being verified Jun 15 Navicat Premium Windows version Wrongly showed primary key warning in some cases. Unable to type some characters in editor when using international keyboard. Unable to edit connection settings in some cases.

Information Pane did not appear in some cases. Internal error occurred when importing CSV files. Cell values froze when scrolling in grid view. Data display issues in table viewer.

Code Snippet. Advanced Code Completion with better suggestions. Brand new Structure Synchronization: visually show side-by-side DDL comparison between two databases. Brand new Data Synchronization: show particular status to distinguish the differences between records easily.

New Automation: easy to find desired profiles and create automated batch jobs. Responsiveness and performance improved. Error occurred when importing identity column in SQL Server. Unable to insert trigger in Table Viewer. Crashed when using Query in some cases. Query auto-save feature did not work in some cases. Debugger did not work for PostgreSQL 8.

Fixed the sorting issue in Table Viewer. Improvements: Support inputting tabs in the editor of Table Designer. Support PostgreSQL 9. Bug Fixes: The media keys play, pause, next etc did not work. Unable to connect MariaDB 5. Failed to transfer data in Chinese locale OS. Unable to show the light coloring when the tab is non-active. Mar 30 Navicat Premium Windows version Fixed multi-monitor with different dpi issue.

Column import definition broken when importing. Saved Import profile mapped columns wrongly. Primary Key settings were deleted when modifying import profile. Crashed when exporting connections. Unable to edit the query in Query Editor when running it. Dec 10 Navicat Premium Windows version Add members to project for sharing connection settings, queries and models.

View Project Activity Log. Support Foreign Table. Enhanced Object Designers. Support Views. Enhanced Table Designer. Enhanced Connection Coloring. Search database object structure. Enhanced Stored Procedure editor. File name with appended timestamp issue in Export Wizard. SSH protocol error issue. Unable to load the virtual group settings file created by old versions of Navicat.

After sorted a selected column in Table Viewer, access violation occurred when resizing column width. Apr 20 Navicat Premium Windows version Improvements: Reset the field length to default value after changing the auto guessed field type in Table Designer. Unable to identify equality of trigger definitions with different system line breaks in Structure Synchronization. Unable to convert object names in Data Transfer when using Schedule. Exception error occurred while running synchronize to database for SQLite tables with different number of source and target relations in Data Modeling Tool.

Unable to add new computed column to an existing SQL Server table which already have computed columns in Table Designer. Access Violation error occurred when exporting single column to Word. Duplicated foreign key names issue in Model. Import Wizard was unable to import currency data from DBF files. Advanced settings were saved incorrectly in Data Transfer profiles.

Added Open with External Editor feature for Query. Added press and hold Alt key and double-click table to open Table Design. Unable to select foreign key for new table in Table Design. Export PostgreSQL query issue.

Data started with single quote issue in exported Excel file. Aug 25 Navicat Premium Windows version New Features: Support to sync selected connection settings, queries, model files and virtual group information to Navicat Cloud.

For more information, please visit here. Support SQLite 3. Support parameter in Report command line. Support adding shapes in Model. May 21 Navicat Premium Windows version Query profile now support to show in server level. Database properties for SQL Server not able to alter proper compatibility levels. Crashed when loading and parsing a long incorrect syntax SQL in Query. Import Paradox not able to import data properly in Navicat 64bits. ORA invalid character error occured when exporting Oracle query results.

Backup not able to backup MySQL table with foreign key. Connection was deleted after renamed to capitalized name.

Bug Fixes: Lose focus in Table Viewer. Function parser error. Access Violation error occurred when designing MariaDB tables with foreign keys.

Access Violation error occurred when importing invalid connections. ERegistry Exception error occurred when starting Navicat. Oracle reconnection problem. Wrong Date Editor frame size in Table Viewer. Stack Overflow error when running Query.

Permissions issue of the Updater. Cursor was missing in Stored Procedure. Failed to create MySQL user with special characters password. Bug Fixes: Missed to mark quotation on keywords in Query Builder. Process was unable to stop while running query in Essentials version. Failed to include auto increment column setting for floating point data types in MySQL. Failed to get the accurate fraction part of date time data for SQL Server.

Failed to scroll horizontally for wide content after applying Filter Wizard in Table Viewer. Fixed some issues on Query and Export features under Oracle level. No respond from Filter Wizard in Table Viewer after execution error of filter query. Failed to replace text with an empty string using the Find and Replace feature. Fixed the scrolling issue in docking window on secondary display. Failed to display unicode user name and organization in Navicat About box.

Jul 3 Navicat Premium Windows version Column width not able to be reset after showing the hidden column in Table Viewer. Query message in status bar not updated if no result return after Run. Fixed issues on cross transfer. May 27 Navicat Premium Windows version Access violation occured while running report in command line. Losing searched position in Memo editor after first searching or clicked into the Memo editor.

Fixed query parser error.



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