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Alien: Isolation is the Alien game fans deserve, and it’s currently free on PC ; Massimo G. · subscribers. Aliens (director’s cut). Strategy: BEN 10 Ultimate 3D · Alien Shooter · Ultimate Alien Earth Protector · Omnitrix · Alien Shooter 2 · Ben Alien Experience · Alien Shooter – Revisited.

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Aliens are so exciting because the possibilities are endless. There could be anything out there on the edges of the universe. Games featuring aliens have an open canvas to create all sorts of creatures: small or gigantic, slimy or furry, gakes or mindless.

Plus, aliens can be fro or evil, so there are plenty of options. The following list gives you 20 great games you can play on your PC in a loose-to-meaningless order. Will people ever learn to ignore suspicious distress beacons? When a distant colony sent out a distress signal, the Marines jumped right in to investigate.

Unlike the previous game in the series, Aliens: Isolationwhich made you evade one Xenomorph in first-person perspective, the entire research station on the colony is swarming with Hames. Alien games for pc free this multi-player third-person shooter, you and two friends played by humans you know or AI get to move through the infested station to free aliem sole survivor of a Xenomorph breeding experiment gone horribly wrong. There are four-story campaigns with three missions each and five levels flr difficulty to choose from.

In this game, you have the freedom to plan your own missions all from your mobile office: fref alien supply craft called the Avenger.

Though Iron Man and the rest of the crew are not an option, you can choose from five soldier classes, each allen their own skill-trees, to alien games for pc free your own super team. The setting is worldwide and in depth. And the you get to choose where to go, from alien games for pc free wildlands to the inner circle of alien cities.

Guerilla warfare tactics and looting can help you cripple the enemy forces gxmes gain new gear. Plus there are plenty of new aliens to go head-to-head with. With a gaes map and a variety of aliien alien games for pc free characters to combine, it will be hard to get bored with this game. In another version of reality where the Space Race took humanity much further, humans have begun to colonize download latest version for windows. You play Morgan Yu, whose gender you are able to choose, aboard a space station swarming with hostile aliens called Typhon.

You can attempt to evade these shapeshifting aliens by sneaking around. The part that makes your ultimate goal of exiting the space station alive so challenging is that many of the Allien can shapeshift into inanimate objects. Your chair can suddenly attack you! The Typhon Hunter expansion pack capitalizes on this fun gamed. System Shock 2 was first released inbut the game has held up over the years. An interesting mix of RPG нажмите чтобы увидеть больше first-person shooter styles, you play a soldier who wakes up from cryo-sleep fref an eerie spaceship.

The crew of the ship has been infected with parasitic worms that unite them all but not in a good way. With the rest of the ship connected in a murderous psychic hive mind bent on recruiting you, you have to fight them off while teaming up with the evil AI villain from the first game. The game is somewhat customizable and exploratory.

You can alien games for pc free which branch of the military your character was in, for example. Your choice would then affect the skills you have. There are plenty of weapon choices, from melee weapons to pistols and alien weapons. Aged like a fine wine because of its complexity and entertainment value, System Shock 2 should be added to your list. Colonize the universe in this turn-based strategy game. Where previous games in the Civilization franchise used primarily historical settings, Beyond Earth is all about the future.

Early in the game, you will gxmes several choices that will lead to the type of civilization that you create. Depending on who sponsored your flight, who you decided to alien games for pc free along, and more, different technologies will become available to you.

For example, you can choose to live in harmony with nature, in which case you will utilize genetic engineering. If world domination is more your speed, you could invest in and rely alien games for pc free more advanced technologies. From a teeny microorganism to a whole civilization, you get to play God and create something interesting.

Spore combines several genre elements, including action, life simulation, RTS, and RPG depending on ofr stage of the game you are alien games for pc free. Depending on your choices and how successful you are in survival, you can either move ashampoo 2010 download free download to the Creature Stage or play around a little longer. Gamrs the Creature Stage, you once again get to modify your organism to prepare it for land. Interact with the other creatures of the world, either friendly or not, and continue to modify yourself.

The third stage is the Tribal Stage. Instead of a solitary creature, you are now a collection of creatures. You have to survive by making tools, dividing labor, and working together. This stage operates like a RTS game, where you build buildings to gain more capital to build more buildings, etc.

Spore is a lot of fun and chock full of aliens. If you like working towards goals with just enough free exploration, you might like this one. Fans of the Predator movie franchise are going to love gaames game! Taking place in several remote jungles, Predator: Hunting Grounds is an asymmetrical multiplayer game.

Players work together as an elite special forces team tasked with entering jungles and eliminating enemies. Stars from the movie franchise reprise their roles, so Arnold Schwarzenegger is back alien games for pc free Dutch. Teammates can work together or split up to accomplish alien games for pc free mission. Then one of the players нажмите чтобы узнать больше take on the role of the Predator. Hunt aljen be hunted!

While the Predator player tries to kill the special forces team, the team tries to gree and kill the Predator. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a role-playing game that lets you walk the path between good and evil. Customize your character and your team of two by choosing from several unique character options. First, you have to choose between Scout, Soldier, yames Scoundrel character classes, and your name, background, and initial aliej are determined by you.

The ultimate goal is to eventually face the Sith, but it rree the journey adobe flash professional cc full version free free take that will determine how that final interaction goes.

Will you be a hero or a villain by the end of your quest? Along the way you get to explore some of the most famous locations in the Star Wars universe and train to be a Jedi. You will also build your microsoft word 2016 lesson plans free lightsaber and learn to harness the Force through multiple lessons. Skills and the Force abilities are unlocked with each level up, so you will have to earn your place as a Jedi.

This is a great game больше информации fans of the franchise. Ailen Space is a popular ;c horror game franchise that brings in the big guns: eco-disaster, a religious cult, statues that make people turn on each other, and zombies. The main plot of the franchise is that Gaems has finally used up all of its resources and посмотреть еще must go find more in space. Mining other planets for resources, an alien statue, later dubbed a Marker, is discovered, and then the humans leave it alone out of respect and caution.

Just kidding. However, the energy of an activated Marker makes nearby humans paranoid and violent. As they turn on each other, those who die are reanimated and now hunt living humans. Meanwhile, a religious cult that believes in the power of the Marker will seek them out and activate them. Each game has more character plot points, but these general points alone are enough of a hook for a lot of people.

Destroy All Humans! In this open-world action-adventure game, you play an alien named Crypto. Though which iteration of Crypto will depend on the game. They are all clones with gammes big mission: harvest human brainstems in an bames to save their people from extinction. As Crypto, there is always some random adventure to be had. Fall in love with a human spy clone, open a restaurant serving human meat, and become bames President of the United States of America.

Not gmaes that order. This PC alien game is a space flight simulation game that is set in an explorable scale open-world representation of the milky way, with open-ended gameplay. For a game that had so much alien games for pc free to be great, possibly even legendary, it failed to live up to the lofty expectations given by itself. Initially released in by Frontier Developments, Elite Dangerous can often feel gamrs repetitive and it almost feels alien games for pc free an unfinished project at times, with execution so hollow that it disappoints the once ambitious original plan.

The first strategic game on this list of PC alien games is Stellaris. In this alien games for pc free players must take control of an interstellar civilization on the galactic stage while also exploring the universe, colonizing, and managing alien games for pc free particular region of the galaxy.

This is another game that had all the potential to be great when it was released inbut it was let down by its simplicity and an incredibly passive AI system. This vintage open-world role-playing experience fof the definition of an acquired taste. Elex II returns to the post-apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy aliej of Megalan made famous by the predecessor and features huge environments that can be explored with great freedom.

The newest release on this list of PC alien games was released this June. The game consists of high difficulty, lengthy missions that will please some but annoy others, and on the whole, it is a very well-constructed game that was highly received. However, the game comes with many bugs that make it excruciatingly slow at times, forr this will ruin your experience if you let it. Saints Row also features sci-fi elements frde continues to include over-the-top parody that has fod synonymous with the series.

The comedy in the game is unique, it is one of the reasons why the Saints Row series has become so successful, and not only that but the character customization is another shining light. Deep Rock Galactic is a first-person shooter that puts emphasis on its cooperative gameplay aspect.

This game has a variety of great aspects, from its wonderful atmosphere and setting to its difficulty and variety of levels. It is a vibrant space game that will allow you to experience hours and hours of px — no wonder critics and fans praised this alien games for pc free so much. Another real-time ссылка на страницу game with rogue-like qualities, but not completely the same as classical roguelike titles.

In the game, players must control the crew of a spacecraft that holds important information and needs to be delivered to an allied fleet while being pursued by an enemy one.


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Alien: Isolation is a cool game with an incredible storyline, which was created based on the popular movie Alien. The action of the game will take you fifteen years after the events, when the heroine named Amanda will have to overcome a rather complicated path and a lot of obstacles that will constantly arise.

Your main task will be to find out what happened to your own mother aboard the intergalactic ship. It is on this ship and our main character will go to give answers to emerging, and so worried her questions. Events lead us to discover the disappearance of a black box that might have some clues on it.

This black box is in Sevastopol Station, where Amanda will go, but then she discovers that there is someone else here besides her, and this “someone” is an alien. Now you need to survive and think about every move you make so that you don’t lose your life at the drop of a hat. On this page you can always download Alien: Isolation for free on pc via torrent or direct link. The site is not responsible for the content of the material. Let us remind you that your property was in the public domain and that is the only reason it was published on our site.

The site is non-commercial, and we can’t check all publications of users. Download Alien: Isolation for free PC game. Processor: 3. Download Alien: Isolation torrent [full game, newest version] Version: v1. Look at this instruction will be opened in a new window. Publisher: Creative Assembly Version: v1.