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Then you should look further into 3-bowl cat feeders for you to buy. In this review post, you can find out the best three-bowl cat feeders that are currently available for purchase online. I have listed below different triple bowl cat feeders when it comes to sizes, material, and overall design so you can choose the product that could best fit your feline friends. If you have two or three cats, 3-bowl cat feeders are an ideal solution for feeding them in the same spot inside or outside your house.

Feeding two cats out of the three bowl cat feeder mean that you can even use one of the three bowls for water, so it can be a perfect feeding station for your cats. Feeding two or three cats from this kind of feeder that can hold three bowls will save you space in your house.

It will also save you time because it is easy to fill the bowls with food when they are so close to each other. Before you purchase a triple bowl feeder for your cats, you should keep a few things in mind. Firstly, you need to look out for the materials the feeders are made out of.

Opt for materials that are safe for your cats, so peel your eyes for the materials that are stated to be non-toxic. Usually, stainless steel, ceramic and BPA-free plastic bowls are the ones to go for. Apart from the bowls, the bowl stand should also be made out of durable material, such as wood or metal. These materials are usually what keeps the whole feeder stable. Finding a cat feeder that is easy to clean is very important so you can always provide your cats with food from a healthy environment.

When searching for a cat feeder with three bowls, you should check out online retailers like Walmart and Amazon because they often have discounted products and free delivery options.

This means that you can shop safely and without spending too much money from the confinement of your home. These online websites usually offer a wider range of products, so almost anyone can find something that will suit their needs.

Purchasing a triple bowl cat feeder will save you space and time and provide your cats with bonding time and teach them how to share food. This wooden raised feeder features three metal bowls and a bowl stand with a cat-shape handle. The bowl stand is available in a white or a brown color that can complement any home decor. You can feed up to three cats at once. To assemble this triple bowl cat feeder, you will get all necessary hardware with the product and it is stated that the assembling is quite straight-forward.

The handle on the bowl stand is great for easy transportation and picking up the feeder to fill up the bowls with food, which will save you time and effort. This 3-bowl raised cat feeder is great for preventing pests and other things from contaminating the food in the bowls. If you have two or three cats, this raised feeder is perfect for them because each cat can get its own food bowl. If you have two cats, the third bowl can be used for water that both pets can share.

The metal bowls are usually the best option for cats because some cats can be allergic to plastic materials. When they are allergic to plastic that they eat out of, they can develop acne on their face.

The raised design of the food bowls promotes better digestion in pets. Buy On Amazon. This cat feeding station comes with three ceramic bowls and a wooden stand. The three bowl openings on the stand are shaped with cat ears and the three ceramic bowls are fitted into them.

The bamboo wood stand is tilted to one side for a comfortable eating position. The china bowls can be removed for easy cleaning and are smooth to prevent scratching of tongue and face in cats. The wooden bowl stand prevents any food spillage to end up on the floor, so you can keep your house tidy and clean. It is important to always provide your pets with food from clean bowls.

Since the bowl stand is made of real wood, you need to keep it clean and dry to prevent the wood from decaying. The rubber pads on the legs of the bowl stand will keep this 3-bowl cat feeding station stable and non-slippery.

Since the bowl stand is tilted to one side and it has a raised design, it will keep cats in comfortable positions while they are eating. By keeping a more natural position during eating, cats reduce strain on their neck muscles, shoulders, hips and other joints.

Eating from a raised bowl also helps promote healthy digestion. This 3-bowl cat feeding station keeps your cats healthy and happy so they can enjoy their life with you.

This elevated 3-bowl cat feeder features three melamine bowls and a bamboo stand with two different heights available.

Each of the three melamine bowls can hold milliliters and are resistant to low and high temperatures. They are also odorless and non-toxic. Your little pack of cats will be happy to be able to eat from a tilted cat feeder because this bowl stand has an option for a degree tilt. The installation of this model is made easy because all you have to do is piece together three boards with fitted bowls in them and then turn the screws so they can hold it.

The premium bamboo stand features a waterproof coating on top that will prevent the wood from decaying. Since this is also a raised cat feeder, it will help with digestion in cats. Also, it is suitable for pets with arthritis and reduces the strain the cats have to put on their necks and other bones so they can access food.

It teaches cats to swallow properly and reduces bloating while keeping your cat to stay healthy. This triple bowl cat feeder consists of a wooden raised bowl stand and three bowls. You can choose to purchase it with either stainless steel or ceramic bowls. The stand is made out of bamboo wood and has three legs to keep it raised and stable. The stand comes with two sets of legs. One set is 6 inches and the other 4. The legs are easy to replace so the wooden triple bowl feeding station can grow as your cats grow, too.

This makes it easy to store and transport, as well. The bowls are kept in place from moving around while eating thanks to the silicone pads. Eating from a more natural position decreases the risk of developing arthritis or other bone conditions in pets. This metal three bowl cat feeder comes with a stainless steel bowl frame and three metal bowls.

It is available in different sizes, but the extra small size is suitable for cats. The bowls in this size each hold 0. The metal bowls come in many different colors so you can pick the one that will go with your house design. The bowls are dishwasher safe and the metal material is rust-resistant. The feet of the bowl frame are non-slippery which provides the whole cat feeder with stability. The metal material ensures the product is also durable. The silicone rib prevents the metal frame from making noises with the metal bowls while cats eat out of them.

The metal 3-bowl cat feeder in an extra small size is suitable for pets who are under 9 inches tall, which includes cats. Raising the food bowl off the ground prevents neck strain and pressure in shoulders, hips, and joints for cats. Providing cats with comfortable positions while eating will also promote better digestion and reduce suffering from bloating.

In the end, I would like to recommend two following three-bowl cat feeders: the Etna wooden multi-cat feeder and the Platinum Pets modern triple feeder. The Etna cat feeder features three metal bowls and a wooden bowl stand with a cat shape on the top.

It works for two or three cats because each cat gets its own food bowl and they are also dishwasher safe. The Platinum Pets model, on the other hand, consists of both metal bowls and a metal frame and a silicone rim that prevents noise while cats are eating out of the bowls. Both models have raised bowls that promote healthy eating habits in cats. To find out more about automatic feeders in general, read this post I wrote about the best automatic cat feeders.

If you wish to know more about feeding stations, read the review article I wrote about the best cat feeding stations. If you have problems with your cat eating too fast, you should give this post about the best cat slow feeders a read. Are you looking to buy a cat feeder that can feed more than one cat at once? Useful Information About 3-Bowl Cat Feeders Benefits Of 3-Bowl Cat Feeders If you have two or three cats, 3-bowl cat feeders are an ideal solution for feeding them in the same spot inside or outside your house.

Easy To Transport And Fill With Food The handle on the bowl stand is great for easy transportation and picking up the feeder to fill up the bowls with food, which will save you time and effort.

Prevents Developing Acne In Cats The metal bowls are usually the best option for cats because some cats can be allergic to plastic materials. Specifications: three metal bowls dishwasher safe raised design. Specifications: three ceramic bowls bamboo wooden bowl stand raised design the stand is tilted to one side.

Specifications: three melamine bowls bamboo bowl stand waterproof wooden material adjustable height keeps cats healthy. Specifications: three stainless steel or ceramic bowls two sets of legs adjustable height. Specifications: 3 metal bowls and metal frame extra small size for cats raised cat feeder prevents strain in the neck.

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