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Avid media composer 5.5.3 free –

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AntCaladine: Looks what coming very soon!!!! Considering I only purchased my mc5 upgrades in june last year when released, and now just 8 months later after the mc5 fiasco, its the least avid can do is a free upgrade for all. Is it joke?? I have to pay for upgrade while MC5 is full of bugs???

I cant afford to keep buying upgrades every 8 months, particularly when mc5 has caused some many issues. I’d rather have those fixed than more new features I dont really need.

I’m avoiding jumping to conclusions before someone who knows the full facts says something. BUT if it is a paid for upgrade then MC5. I suppose it is par for the course that AVID chose not to tell the community what was happening, at least at the same time as releasing the 5.

Im refraining from exploding at the moment too, I’ve emailed my reseller sales contact to find out, but hes at the bve show this week, so might be slow reponse. I have a feeling that this thread will get very heated when the guys “on the other side of the pond” get out of bed.

It may be fair to suspect that after the partial disaster of the MC5 release many may now really jump ship if they have to pay for a, hopefully, working version. If these threads are true then there is also a ” NextGen ” and a ” Studio 15 ” being released.

Maybe they expect some users to “Dumb Down” for less money. Maybe someone could explain to me, as I cannot understand it, I am seeing a lot of unhappy users into this thread and the reason is that Avid is developing new versions from what I understand.

Would you be more or less happy if Avid stopped developing new things and only was living in the past? I would be happy if Avid solved all bugs in current version before developing a new one when upgrade is not free for previous version user. It look they ignored our problems with current version and our wishes and get their power only to get new money.

Where I get frustrated as with others, is when I buy a version mc5 that is then very buggy, to get a working version; just 8 months later, I have to pay again! For me the new features of v5. Last ». Media Composer 5. Reply Contact. Looks what coming very soon!!!! Re: Media Composer 5. Do I qualify for a free upgrade?

MC Yeah, I read that. I do have a support contract for one suite, but not for my other three. I do admit, there is alot on nice looking new bits, certainly the aja io express. I am suspending judgement – for now. Any moderators know yet? Tue, Feb 15 AM. In reply to. From the page you linked to: Do I qualify for a free upgrade? With all these new stuff my guess is that it is a payed upgrade Media Composer 5. The Avid site says Do I qualify for a free upgrade? I can log into the part of the system that says :I have a support contract, although the system still doesn’t show that i bought MC5.

Can some kind Moderator tell us what the situation is? Does this mean that 5. I am suspending judgement – for now MC5. Gerry MC


Avid media composer 5.5.3 free –


How to change a token in a MC NM dictionary. System Recommendations for Feature Performance. Avid Knowledge Base. Media Composer System Requirements. A collection of all current Media Composer system requirements and compatibility information. What are the recommended system requirements for Media Composer? Average Rating: No Rating. Try it yourself and you’ll spend minutes just trying to search for the right link page – very frustrating. You know that browsers have these amazing things called bookmarks or favorites, don’t you?

Avid Download Center. This won’t change Can I go from 5. Or do I need the patches between 5. Also- after upgrading Mavericks to I got the bus thread error 0x0. If I unplug the monitor it starts up, then I can plug the monitor in and all is well. I think it has something to do with the 4k display support included in the Mavericks update? Anyone experiencing this problem too? You can uninstall your MC v5.

It was the last version of bit software and you need at least 6. There’s a series of tutorials on the link below that run through getting a project to DVD. Have a look, starting with Link The series continues HERE. There are a few more scattered around in this collection of tutorials, as well as in the collection Carl mentioned.

Allen Deak: Thank you for the prompt response. Hi, I have never seen a. Hopefully the tutorials help you: I will also have a look myself Everyone has been so helpful, I just hope I am not asking too many elementary questions. Screenplay is very simple and straight forward system to use. I believe I had it mastered within about an hour. Avid is light years ahead of Screenplay but as I am finding our so is the learning curve.

I wish there was someplace where I can get some hands on training. I must be doing something wrong. Then the question is should I be creating the file differently. Once again, thank you everyone for the assistance. Edit at the speed of your imaginationThe new Media Composer video editing software provides an intuitive user experience, giving you creative speed to produce better stories.

Access the tools you need, when you need them, with new task-oriented workspaces.


– Media Composer System Requirements

Re: New to Avid Media Composer 5. It took about 6 or 7 hours and the file is